James Gourmet Coffee - Formula 6

Formula 6 Blend

Roasted by James Gourmet Coffee, Ross-On-Wye

Some years ago, l spent hours and hours cupping and cupping to get this coffee just as it should be. The complexity of making great espresso is that apart from perfecting this unique beverage, it is the base for so many other tastes or drinks. Some of the intention was to create a coffee that was easy to make. I can get boring here…. For a change, I thought I would let the world know what’s involved in this coffee…

Formula 6 is a very special blend of coffee….and has been on our list consistently for more than the last 10 years. Possibly the longest running seasonal espresso in the UK specialty coffee business?

Currently We are using :

0% New arrival Finca Las Delicias,(predominantly) Red Bourbon, El Salvador
30% Finca San Andres, from Esquipulas, Guatemala
30% Finca Bourbon Chimeltenango, Guatemala
10% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Aricha Natural Process

Formula 6 espresso is cupped and roast profiled daily. This ensures your craft espresso coffee is consistent and in peak condition.
Formula 6 is experiencing a small shift as we introduce some new single farm Brazil & Colombians. There is a ripe currant element from Finca Santa Barbara coming through and a bright juicy theme across the blend as we try and roast things to work within the new WBC brewing parameters where we can. When its rested, you should get a red fruity cherry acidity with toasty almonds and just a wealth of cocoa.On a personal level I prefer a smaller throw for espresso, but it doesn’t hurt to have a coffee that works between 92& 94.5C and up to the dizzy and uneconomical levels of 20g+.

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